When Kids are “Distracting”

I love to wake up early so I am ahead of my tasks. I love the feeling of having hit coffee on a cold morning when it’s still dark. I get to prepare breakfast early, pray and organize tasks for the day before family wakes up and need my attention. But sometimes I sleep lateContinue reading “When Kids are “Distracting””

3 Great Motherhood Principles to Abide By

I love motherhood. From the very moment we found out that I was pregnant up to this day, I enjoy every bit of this motherhood journey. I love being a mom to twins Sovi and Tice. They are a joy to me and I love life with them. Don’t get me wrong. Not all daysContinue reading “3 Great Motherhood Principles to Abide By”

Lord, please save me from this trap called “life”!

I miss the times when I can pray for hours in a day without the pressure to attend to anything in life but just be in His presence. I miss the times when I can fast for more than a month. I miss the times when I can just cut my long hair in convictionContinue reading “Lord, please save me from this trap called “life”!”

Tice and Sovi, This is How I met Your Daddy…

My dearest Boys, I love you so much. I am writing this because I want you to make right choices when you grow up. I want you to pray, have wisdom and be guided by the Holy Spirit when it comes to relationships. I had eleven relationships prior to Dad – NOT good If thereContinue reading “Tice and Sovi, This is How I met Your Daddy…”

Part 1 of 2: My GREATEST Promotion Ever!!!

I’ve been promoted!!! And I’m enjoying it every day of my life. Yes, there are challenges and “down moments” like any other job, but it’s nothing compared to the joy this career has brought in my life. I am a woman with destiny. I have been trained and equipped with the best! I have beenContinue reading “Part 1 of 2: My GREATEST Promotion Ever!!!”