You need to get out of the pressure of doing it all, pleasing people and promoting yourself. You have to just live life on what’s working for you and your family. As a #Christian, I had the pressure to please my leaders. To get their approval and recognition. I was building their dreams and not pursuingContinue reading “YOU DON’T NEED TO DO WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING”


When our kids start to talk about ideas and ask millions of questions a day, it can be overwhelming. Especially when we are loaded with chores and deadlines. It’s easy to not pay attention to the expressions of their hearts and think that most are childish and meaningless. Listen to them. You are their worldContinue reading “LISTEN TO THEM”


When we welcome motherhood and embrace it fully, we tend to lose ourselves along the process. It’s all about the family now. Our energy, effort, money, and basically all of our sanity goes into our family. We make sacrifices no one would see and sometimes even appreciate the love of our lives. For me, IContinue reading “MOMMIES, LOVE YOURSELF… LIVE OUT YOUR DREAMS”

When Kids are “Distracting”

I love to wake up early so I am ahead of my tasks. I love the feeling of having hit coffee on a cold morning when it’s still dark. I get to prepare breakfast early, pray and organize tasks for the day before family wakes up and need my attention. But sometimes I sleep lateContinue reading “When Kids are “Distracting””

God’s Heart for Me — A Woman

Unspoken Words A woman… We take on roles and responsibilities for the people we love. We give ourselves selflessly. All out. For the things that we value. For the people that we love. For the principles that we care for. There are sleepless nights. Silent lips. Happy smiles. Broken hearts. Tired bodies. Hopeful spirits. Sacrifices.Continue reading “God’s Heart for Me — A Woman”

Hi my name is Grace, and I am a PROUD Homemaker…

Many women pride themselves as a corporate star. The “working woman”, go-getter and celebrated persona in offices and the working world. A lot of women’s rights advocates are into women empowerment and equality. And these are all good. I have totally nothing against these choices and pleas. I was once there myself and still agreeContinue reading “Hi my name is Grace, and I am a PROUD Homemaker…”

3 Great Motherhood Principles to Abide By

I love motherhood. From the very moment we found out that I was pregnant up to this day, I enjoy every bit of this motherhood journey. I love being a mom to twins Sovi and Tice. They are a joy to me and I love life with them. Don’t get me wrong. Not all daysContinue reading “3 Great Motherhood Principles to Abide By”