Christian but Not Really

Yesterday I posted this status in my Facebook profile: My heart is troubled seeing people who call themselves Christians but live an opposite lifestyle…   #notocompromising #behotorcold #heartbreaking I got a few “likes” and “comments” agreeing to this conviction stating this is happening all over the place. Just like I mentioned, “My heart is troubled…” IContinue reading “Christian but Not Really”

3 Dating Lessons From Our Sick Boxer

When our first dog Champ died last year, we were heart broken. I was with him from birth up to his 2 years of life. Yes, literally from birth because I was his mom’s midwife at delivery and their nanny growing up. When I got married, Hubby did not just have a wife but alsoContinue reading “3 Dating Lessons From Our Sick Boxer”

The Art of Jeep Riding

10 Commandment in Riding Jeeps in the Philippines Be at the last seat (near the entrance) so it’s easier for you to get out. If this is occupied, stay as close to it or else you’ll act as the conductor passing coins to and from the driver if you’re seated close to him. Keep yourContinue reading “The Art of Jeep Riding”