Jay’s creatinine count which is the main basis for his kidney function has always been at 1100 more or less. Today, his count has reduced to 795!

  • No meds (Only BP meds once a day and meds for the infection)
  • No, any supplement
  • After week 3 of being #vegan

It has been a hard fight. But if there’s one thing we have learned about this season is to TRUST Jesus in all areas of our lives.

– That it’s not about us
– Time is irrelevant
– Nothing is impossible with Him
– He leads us to wise decisions when we fully submit

The fight is not over yet. We still need his creatinine count to be reduced to normal count. Our next goal is 300 then have it back to 100.

Life is a JOURNEY OF FAITH. And once in a while, God leads us to opportunities to grow in our TRUST and live a life that’s fully abandoned to Him – spiritually, emotionally, physically.

Pastor Ruffy Lagat, once told us, healing is not just a spiritual issue. Sometimes, we also need to change some things in our hearts and bodies. And these can be done if we are being by the Holy Spirit. If we are fully surrendered. If we have chosen to just TRUST no matter what.

Will you trust Jesus to take care of the desires of your heart today? Will you stay strong in the shakings of life and SEE THE PROMISE LAND no matter what? Because He who promised is faithful.

He is love.

He NEVER fails

We can fully trust Him.


Published by Julmar Grace Locsin

Grace hails from her favorite city in the world, Davao City! She is a mom of twins, Sovi and Tice and is happily married to business owner and musician, Jay Locsin. She considers herself an "eye" who loves to say out of what she sees. Her articles focus on family, parenting, marriage, and motherhood as part of the Christian life. She is also a big believer of the Filipino call and destiny and writes a lot about revival in the Philippines. Her work have been featured in a lot of online publications, national tabloids and radio shows like the Philippines Star, GMA News (Mindanao) and DzBB. She is currently helping her husband with their business teaching other families how to earn from home as she manages homeschooling, writing, and finishing her doctorate. Follow Grace's journey as she inspires, make an impact, and transform nations for heaven, for the King!

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