We live in a world where #self is sitting on the throne. This motivates a lot of people to go for titles, fame, and fortune leading almost everyone to COMPETE.

It is not a loudly spoken gesture but it is seen in offices, social media and every scope of society.

When I started FVA, I did not know that there are also other freelancing coaches and courses. I just started one to respond to my friends requesting how they can also start working from home and earn without having to live their families. It was when I went on a national level that I realized that other people are also doing what I am doing.

Then the hint to be better, to compete was so loud… So I can be the best. So on and so forth.

But I am not giving in to that. Not as a coach, business owner, or a simple person.

Because I realized that God created each one differently and WE CAN LEARN FROM EACH OTHER.

We should be living our lives to #contribute in helping people and making this world and much peaceful place. We shouldn’t be other there to rise to the top, to display strength and abilities just to create a persona and tell everyone we are better.

This is actually a sign of WEAKNESS. 

A strong person knows his/her own identity and destiny. He/she is out there to be God’s instrument for humanity. He/she is not insecure that will do everything just to lift himself/herself to highlight that “I am this” and “I am that” so this world will recognize and SELF is applauded.

So what is we have trophies and all the glamours of this world?

It’s good to have those.

But it’s also good if we don’t have those.

Life on earth is not our goal. Eternity is.

Thus, having a name, fame and fortune are nothing is our souls are not in the center of God’s will. We need to seek God and live in step with Him. Ecclesiastes 1:1-12.

Are you still competing? Try CONTRIBUTING this time.

You will flourish in who God made you be.

No pressure to be someone else or trying to achieve stuff just to crown self with vanity.

What do you think of this post?

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