When we welcome motherhood and embrace it fully, we tend to lose ourselves along the process. It’s all about the family now. Our energy, effort, money, and basically all of our sanity goes into our family. We make sacrifices no one would see and sometimes even appreciate the love of our lives.

For me, I know set aside finishing my doctorate and publishing my books because I got busy with motherhood. And it’s not wrong, our family is our world.

But now that my kids are 6 years old, I am realizing that God has given me grace not just in my calling as a wife and mom but also for MY dreams and who He wants me to be. I can do all things through Christ. I can live my life without losing myself in the process. Because God loves me too!

By becoming into His fullness is a reflection of His goodness and faithfulness.

Don’t lose YOU in the process of living life’s greatest moment of building a family and motherhood. Love yourself. Live out your dreams!


Julmar Grace Locsin

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