If only God was predictable and His ways can be projected according to what we read in the Bible, life may be a little easier. But He’s not. Believing is not. What works last time, may not work the next time. What happened to so and so may not exactly happen to you. There’s no formula. Nothing is certain.

The only thing constant, however, is that He is faithful. He is true to His words. He is reliable. He is just. And He is powerful. Nothing is impossible with God.

So how do we reconcile unpredictability with His faithfulness? The answer is simple. TRUST…

It is through submitting to His will and being established in His words whether we see things right away or not that matter. It is lining up with heaven. Abraham waited for years to see what was promised fulfilled. But the adjustment did not happen with God. It took place in his and Sarah’s heart.

1. They have to come to complete abandonment leaving all to just live in His ways (left Haran)
2. They have to believe (and not anymore laugh about His ways)
3. They have to line up with heaven by confessing His destiny (changed names)
4. Continued surrender (sacrificed Isaac when asked)
5. Blessed others (gave a tenth to Melchizedek thus all the families of the world are blessed through him)

When we make our lives all about Him, it will become all about us after. Because God is after our hearts. We are all about what we can get when He longs for a #relationship.

Who/What is the king of your heart today? For me and my house, Jesus is King!


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