Been a little sick these past few days and the past two days were worse. Having my monthly period (sorry, TMI) and little flu so am just in bed! No matter how I wanted to work and move around, I am still a little limited.

Hubby knowing I can’t do much went to my fave Italian restaurant on the island and got the family dinner and my fave pasta last night.

Really appreciate it. I could have pushed myself to cook but I am blessed with a man who did not just massage me almost the whole day and kept me hydrated but also is sensitive enough to see what I can’t and can do in different circumstances.

But our marriage did not come to this overnight. I did not get a perfect knight in shining armor of the target. I made sure of the looks though (hehe) then we both have to work with how we treated each other. The process took a lot of PRAYERS, COMMUNICATION, and PATIENCE.

Live for the love you deserve! Don’t stop #praying and working our relationships until everything is centered in Christ.


Julmar Grace Locsin

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