JESUS IS KING: What I am understanding lately…

We have heard #DavidHogan preach, hundreds of times. First in DVDs, then YouTube videos and in 2 special occasions live. One was in Thailand 3 years ago and recently here in the Philippines last June 1, 2019.

We were encouraged by the stories, lifestyle, verse, and testimonies he shared. Jay and I try to follow along in our own ways. Desiring to also live in #revival on a daily basis where we can see His hand and presence.

“Jesus is King!” These are the words David Hogan would always say in his preachings in the most recent years. There was a season when he preached a lot about FAITH and use Hebrews 11:1 in all of His sermons. Then he started talking about the MERCY of God. And lately about how JESUS IS KING in all circumstance.

And Jay and I understood. Everything else is irrelevant because Jesus is King. Nothing is impossible for Him. He is in life. He can do anything. It doesn’t matter how long, how impossible, to non-religious, it may long like, Jesus is King and He is Lord! He will come and intervene, He will show His might. He is King!

This is the reason why Jay and I are not shaken over anything. We are CONFIDENT that He who began a good work in us is faithful to complete it. We are not shaken. We are resolved! Because Jesus is King…

After attending the conference where I met David Hogan recently, I am however understanding “Jesus is King” deeper. It is not only being expectant of His might in our circumstances. But also allowing Him to be KING in all aspect of my life.

1. In my #thought-pattern — to renew my mind according to His will and word.
2. In my #emotions — not to be tossed back and forth with and acting in faith or fear.
3, In my #words — to always declare His truth and will no matter what I feel and think.

Because He is King!

He rules my life… and I fully trust Him.

The ball is not in God’s hand alone, but also in mine. I also have to do something to allow His Kingship in my life.

When I see difficult people, I will look at them with mercy and grace, because He will redeem and fix things. Jesus is King!

When I am in a hard situation, I will rejoice because His salvation will come. Jesus is King!

When I am tempted to give up, I will rest in His strength because He is my fortress. Jesus is King!

LIFE HAPPENS… we are in a fallen world.

But does it give us the right to respond like we’re citizens of this world? Not all all. Because we are sons and daughters of God. We function in heaven’s rules and heaven is always saying there is VICTORY for those who trust in Him.

So live loved. Live full. Because Jesus is King!


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Julmar Grace Locsin

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