Jay and I attended the Hearts on Fire – A Holy Spirit Conference last June 1, 2019. Primarily to see #DavidHogan. He is a hero in faith we have followed for almost 20 years now.

The conference went good. Appreciate the organizers and everyone behind the whole thing. There was so much going on and I personally felt like David Hogan, Mel Tari, and Pastor Hiram could have been given more time to really bring the house down with His presence.

As mentioned, there we have followed David Hogan for years now. I also attended a conference in Thailand 3 years ago when I first heard Mel Tari. This man is also on fire! The water turned into wine, walking on water are among the highest of his ministry. Pastor Hiram also had tremendous testimonies on being and deliverance in and outside the country. David Hogan, well… raising the dead, creation miracles, Shekinah glory and an endless story of God’s reality in this age and time.

This is why we were SO EXCITED. It would have been a perfect moment to see angles, to soak in His thick presence, to go deeper into having these generals bring the will of heaven for the Philippines. Instead, I personally sensed more time was given to program, talents, and glamours than to the moments of heaven for this nation.

Nonetheless, it was a reflected of where most churches are at. Most of us put the spotlight on people and programs than laying it all down and seeking what heaven has to say. What a waste… I just really hope that David Hogan and all those who came in obedience to the word of heaven for the Philippines felt HONORED.

In my life, I pray that in my daily ins and outs, I will not focus on routines and go about with my day but really go alongside with heaven. I don’t want to miss a thing. I don’t want to waste opportunities.

Help me, Jesus.


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