So what is your value? What makes you become fulfilled as a person, as a woman? What makes you sleep well at night knowing you have lived a life of value impacting the world around you?

It is the number of likes, comments, and shares? Is it having a steaming hot man you can parade around? Or girlfriends you can party with? Is it having everything? Fame and fortune life?

For me, all these are all vain.

The essence of a woman for me is knowing your worth and value. Enjoying your life (may it be in the limelight or not). Having peace and joy. Smiling over simplest things. Finding treasures in what’s noble and trustworthy.

Saying all these things because a lot of women today are chasing the wrong things thinking the things of this world will make them happy. This is totally wrong. You can have all but if your heart is not in your VALUES, you will remain empty. On the other hand, you can live simple but because you have DIGNITY, you are at peace with your worth.

Find your peace Woman. Find your worth not in Hollywood’s decadence but in the whispers of your heart. Pursue the passions of your heart. Live in the life filled with fullness and joy.


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