Your Faithfulness now Will Launch you to Your Success Tomorrow

This is me with the other teachers of His Mission Academy, a school I pioneered right at the heart of Davao City dump site in 2007. We were ministering to the families in the dump site when the Lord prompted my heart to open a school there since many of the kids did not have the opportunity to be educated because of poverty.

It was difficult.

We had to wake up early for the commute. Having a 1-2 motorcycle minor mud crash weekly was normal. We had to sometimes walk in the mud bare-feet cause the road downhill was slippery with our shoes on. We also would have occasional lice since the kids who have them love clinging to us.

But it was also very rewarding.

The mommies took care of us with their yummy lunches and coffee breaks in the middle of sunny days. The kids treated us like family. We get to see kids learn from nothing to being able to read, write, comprehend… We get to disciple them in the Lord… We get to see lives changing and having hope right in front of us.

Those were 50-75 kids we poured our hearts and lives for at least 3 years faithfully. No pay… Just all out of His love for them through us.

Fast forward to 10 plus years later, I am still teaching. This time to fathers, mothers, and individuals so they can be equipped and be a blessing to their families.

And if you would tell me Filipino Virtual Assistance would be where it is now, I would not believe. But the Lord has blessed FVA with:

– 4000 plus students now
– 3 trainers
– 7 coaches/territories
– 1 US-representative
– 9 staff

All this and what’s still coming is all Jesus’… I believe He saw the faithfulness in the past that He can entrust us with something big today.

Stay faithful wherever you are now. No matter how difficult. He is preparing you for something great.

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