When Kids are “Distracting”

I love to wake up early so I am ahead of my tasks. I love the feeling of having hit coffee on a cold morning when it’s still dark. I get to prepare breakfast early, pray and organize tasks for the day before family wakes up and need my attention.

But sometimes I sleep late and wake up late as well. Thus before I can do my morning routine the kids are already awake and:

“Mom, you know what…”
“Mom, why…”
“Can I go do this?”
“Did you…”
“I need help…”

The list can go on.

Lately most often, they would distract my moment to give me flowers (like everyday that we don’t have flowers in the yard anymore) or tell me an important thought.

It’s very tempting to lose it and treat these interactions casually. But I am always reminded by C.S. Lewis’ words that says, “Kids are not a distraction to important work. They are the most important work.”

As a woman, parent and mom, I was entrusted by God to be their mom. They are our gift and legacy. Our most important treasures. Thus whatever may seem so childish to me but heartfelt from them is important. I need to take each the “distractions” as crucial in building their self-esteem and personality. The more they feel that Jay and I are “all there”, the more they feel secure, supported and valued. And when kids are confident, nothing is impossible.

When kids might be distracting, take a closer look. Listen and consider. Don’t miss every opportunity to build them up!


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