The Momo Challenge Thoughts

In my previous blog; Tech Time for Kids, I shared that I was alarmed on the growing number of kids

1. It’s a #parenting issue

Whether we like it or not, it boils down to how we spend time and know our kids. For kids going down the drain of following these demonic path means they are left unsupervised for a good amount of time. We allowed other things to take our place as parents.

2. It’s not a #technology issue

– Technology is here and is advancing fast. Tech time for our kids is OK as we also need to equip them with the digital world – this is our future. Giving them exposure to technology doesn’t make us bad parents. It is the giving our kids to internet and technology without supervision and guidance based on His words, that do…

– Manage and monitor tech time to empower and educate. Not to open and lead them to the schemes of hell.

3. It’s a #spiritual issue

– There’s so much in the youth today that they can change the course of history overnight. The future is so promising with this generation’s creativity, wit and being able to process information fast. This is why the devil is out there to “steal, kill and destroy” distorting the mindsets of the children so they grow up twisted and not living out their very calling and destiny.
– Thus we really need to PRAY for our babies because no matter how we exert efforts to protect, we can be limited. There are no perfect parents. We have weaknesses. Jesus, however, is all-knowing, ever-seeing and always present. He sustains us and never lack in anything. What a relief right?

Do your best! Jesus will cover the rest if we make Him the center of our lives.


#itsallaboutrelationship #spendtime

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