Tech Time for our Kids Tips

How much tech time do you give your kids every week? We are talking about our kids’ time on the internet, may it be through computers or mobile devices.
There are many concerning posts recently about parents allowing their kids watch videos on YouTube on auto-play and discovering that despite allowing only kids based videos and the audios parents hear are for children, the videos are disturbingly showing tips and ways how to commit suicide.
THIS IS VERY ALARMING! All the more we, parents need to supervise our children’s time in mobile phones and hours on the internet.
For our family, we follow these rules:
1. We don’t allow our kids to decide when and how long is tech time.
– We only allow them to go online when it’s really needed. Like when they are bored during our important conversations with friends. Sometimes they can have it 1 hour a week or 30m minutes in 2 weeks. Only when needed.
2. We get to decide what they watch or play and MONITOR it. We are there as they have their tech time.
– If we hear something and notice something off, we let them change it right away. Like recently… The twins like watching Miraculous (a cartoon that’s like Sailormoon in my generation). There was one episode with the words in the intro song “angel of darkness”. I immediately have the twins watch something else. Because no matter how we put it, an angel of darkness is never Jesus, it’s the devil and I don’t want them associated with the enemy.
3. Use tech time for educational purposes
– We are a homeschooling family and tech time is one way we find rich resources for our lessons. This is a beneficial way to use tech time. Example for this is like when we talked about the Bible as the word of God and discussed the life of Jeremiah (prophets were used by God in the Old Testament to give His word to His people). We have a Jeremiah movie but our video player has issues. We had to go online to watch it.
4. Define your values and standards to your kids.
– Our kids need to know what they can watch and what they can’t. Establish the fear of God in their lives so even if you are not there, they will be guided by the Holy Spirit.
5. Always pray for your kids
– The devil can come and twist our children’s innocence if through the internet. Always pray for your kids. For protection, guidance, wisdom and covering. Because we can be limited. But God isn’t…

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