God’s Heart for Me — A Woman

Unspoken Words

A woman…

We take on roles and responsibilities for the people we love. We give ourselves selflessly. All out. For the things that we value. For the people that we love. For the principles that we care for.

There are sleepless nights. Silent lips. Happy smiles. Broken hearts. Tired bodies. Hopeful spirits. Sacrifices.

We can take on anything for love… but sometimes we also get tired…

How about me? Who will take care of me? Who has the cares of my heart in mind?

How about my dreams? Will they be set aside forever? Until how long will I do things for people? When will I experience peace and rest? Or is there ever such a thing for me?

Battles Within

Others react to these emotions through manipulation and control. They get on power to prove their worth. I am the better woman. I am equal to man. On her way to conquer the world motivated with pain and pride.

Others however settle for less. This is my fortune. Why hope for the best when this situation is hopeless.

Identity and Security

Woman of God…

You are special. God has His thoughts about you when He created the world. You are a special weapon in changing the world. Your role is not any lesser. You are not alone. You are loved…

The world may give suggestions of what you should be, but He is your identity.

People may trait your unfairly but Jesus is your security.

Find your rest in Him… You are perfectly where you’re at in His love. And the future? He’s got it all covered.


So be a good steward… Stay faithful and hopeful. Serve and love. You have no idea what the magnitude of your impact is, when you just give yourself fully to the Lord.

Don’t put your Lover in a small box, He died for you. He has your best interest at hand.



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