Something Happens in your Struggles

The first thing that we usually do when trials come is ask God to take it away. We hate it and we always want to be out of it the next second.

Though most of our trials and consequences of our actions outside the will of God, He can still use our trash to bring more triumphs in our lives.

So when you’re going through any struggle, may it be self-inflicted (out of sin) or the devil attacking you; turn to Jesus and allow Him to bring something good out of the circumstances.

And when I say “allow Him” it means that the strengthening that happens during the stretch with not be happening through your own abilities… it’ll be only through Him. The only thing we need to go is rely on Jesus and trust Him… Give our all to Him and walk in the steps that He will guide us.

So if you’re going through challenges right now. Even if you feel like there’s no more hope in that situation, Jesus can and Jesus will… Surrender to Him. Allow Him to come and turn this suffering into making your stronger.


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