Hi my name is Grace, and I am a PROUD Homemaker…

Julmar Grace Locsin

Many women pride themselves as a corporate star. The “working woman”, go-getter and celebrated persona in offices and the working world. A lot of women’s rights advocates are into women empowerment and equality. And these are all good. I have totally nothing against these choices and pleas. I was once there myself and still agree with its many causes and cries.

Nonetheless, I am starting to also understand a deeper meaning of womanhood that I’d like to share with you. It is the beauty within the call of motherhood and being a wife. It is the inner fulfillment in the heart of a woman when we start to embrace what God made us to be… A woman: a wife, a mom, a homemaker…

Society esp. in this nation has a big regard to the rights of women. It is good. Unlike other countries, women in the Philippines has almost equal rights with men. We are able to drive, vote, run for office and be who we want to be. Yes, even the jobs which are “manly” are starting to be taken over by women. We have such high regard with women achievers that we hail women in position and worship women making it in the limelight.

I was molded to be that kind of a woman. I always wanted to achieve. I don’t know if it was nature or nurture influence, it can be both, it can be the latter alone. No matter what, it successfully shaped me into a woman with a sense of not only purpose but also drive for success. The worse part is, my measure of success like many other women today wasn’t found in the scope of homemaking but in the spotlights outside the home.

Correct me if I am wrong, but our generation now put so much emphasis on women succeeding on endeavors  outside the home. This is why many women today do not want to marry early or is scared of leaving their jobs for their family because our value as women is now found on what we can do in the society we live in and NOT inside the home anymore.

Isn’t that crazy? That a woman today can actually think it’s ok to leave her child to grow in the hands of a helper too scared to be labeled as a “house wife” only? As if homemaking is the least compared to other jobs. That it’s a waste that a woman gets a degree and is just “stuck with her children” at home after?

Again, I am not against working women. I believe work should be done by women within the right season. But I also believe that work shouldn’t be looked at as the only sense of accomplishment a woman can achieve.

In my personal opinion, a woman’s GREATEST sense of purpose and fulfillment is within the home…

  • It is taking care of her husband and raising their children in the Lord.
  • It is being a helpmate.
  • It is bringing up a generation that brings a nation to a higher level.
  • It is the sleepless nights, touch and embrace when someone in the family is sick.
  • It is preparing healthy food that the family can enjoy.
  • It is making the house pleasant and clean.
  • It is gardening, budgeting and scheduling.
  • It is declaring and standing in Truth for her husband and children.
  • It is teaching her children the ways of the Lord.
  • It is training and disciplining the children.
  • It is to kneel down for the destiny and promises of God for their lives.
  • It is lovemaking, dates and dreaming with Hubby.
  • It is being nice to the neighbors and people around.
  • It is being helpful to her society.
  • It is loving her God and glorifying Him in everything that she is and does.

These, first and foremost should be the real essence of a woman. And she should freely live these out without any prejudice and guilt from the eyes of those who have wrong conceptions of what women should be. She should blossom and enjoy these because these are the prime purpose of how God made her to be. A loving wife, a caring mom, a beautiful homemaker…

So yes, these are what I have learned lately on who I am and my substance as a person and as a woman.

I am a woman of destiny, wit and purpose. I have been well-educated and have achieved well in life. I can do mighty things and can conquer the world, but all this strength and creativity are first for my family more than anyone or anything else. They are my calling, my world and my reward. They deserve me. I am fulfilled giving my life to them.

Because of this conviction, I can proudly say that I am Grace… and I am a VERY PROUD homemaker.

And you are?


Published by Julmar Grace Locsin

Grace hails from her favorite city in the world, Davao City! She is a mom of twins, Sovi and Tice and is happily married to business owner and musician, Jay Locsin. She considers herself an "eye" who loves to say out of what she sees. Her articles focus on family, parenting, marriage, and motherhood as part of the Christian life. She is also a big believer of the Filipino call and destiny and writes a lot about revival in the Philippines. Her work have been featured in a lot of online publications, national tabloids and radio shows like the Philippines Star, GMA News (Mindanao) and DzBB. She is currently helping her husband with their business teaching other families how to earn from home as she manages homeschooling, writing, and finishing her doctorate. Follow Grace's journey as she inspires, make an impact, and transform nations for heaven, for the King!

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