The Filipino Eye Featured in Philippine Star!

A National Paper Featured my Blog

On June 15, 2016, The Philippine Star featured one of the online journals I wrote about our President Rodrigo Duterte. This was the “Duterte Leadership Guide for Dummies” article.

The Philippine Star is “a portal of daily newspapers covering Philippine news headlines, business, lifestyle, advertisement, sports and entertainment.” They featured my piece under Common Sense and it was Ms. Marichu A. Villanueva who wrote it with the title “Duterte Likened to Durian”. She also mentioned in this feature that she “got wind of [my] blog after Ali Sotto read [my] essay during the latter’s radio program with Arnold Clavio over DzBB station. Most of the thoughts are there but she did not copy everything “due to space limitation”.


Both the online and print form of this feature had some typo errors. There were question marks almost at the end of the quoted sentences. It also appeared that the last part of the printed version was still something I write because it still had the quotations. I would like to make a clarification however that I did not write this part, “Incidentally, the durian season is in August yet. But don’t ever stand below a durian tree during its season as the spiky fruit drops when it ripens. Like Duterte, the durian could be deadly if it falls on one’s head and could crack open a skull.”


In closing, I would like to thank Ms. Ali Sotto and Mr. Arnold Clavio for talking about this write-up and Ms. Marichu A. Villanueva for taking this to a national tabloid like the Philippine Star. I am deeply honored. It is my prayer that my thoughts have helped enlighten a few confused minds and somehow contributed to national unity.

On to revival and reformation in the Philippines!

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