The Truth

A Reflection. A Poem.

In a world full of corruption and wickedness,
The truth is covered and set aside,
It cries out shivering from the dark night,
Wanting to be embraced, wanting to fight.

A few stood with it and spoke the truth,
Yet a few of them also ended being loathed,
Some in cemetery,
Like Rizal, like Bonifacio.

The truth needs not to justify,
In it itself is the story,
The Truth doesn’t need to defend itself,
Cause the lies will eventually prove the truth’s worth.

Those who know Truth,
Will never set truth aside,
They will speak with their hearts,
Sometimes with quivering mouths.

One thought on “The Truth

  1. Friend, we all have our testimony to give, because the truth is already out, and the truth is that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is living and he has saved us from being dead, and called us to live with him in Spirit, and I would love to share with you my testimony of Jesus Christ, how he has saved me, if you have sometime friend, would you please give it a read?
    God Bless you friend.

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