Hills View Mountain Villa Apologized

This blog is a follow up from my last blog: [DON’T GO!] HILLS VIEW MOUNTAIN VILLA REVIEW detailing our group’s experience at the Villa last April 24, 2016. I wrote the blog to share what we did not expect so others can prepare and the management can make adjustments. To my surprise, it reached 16,000 people a day after it was published. People sharing concerns, others sharing the similar incidents that happened to them as well (double, triple booking… rude staff).

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 8.58.52 PM

Braeden Annz Yu Noh, the daughter of the owner/manager of Hills View Mountain Villa reached out to me today and apologized in behalf of her mom Emalin Lizardo, the staff and the management. I would like to respond to this one by one…

Braeden: “Good day Ms. Julmar! I’m Braeden Noh, daughter of Emalin Lizardo. I personally read your blog about your experience at Hills View Mountain Villa last Sunday, April 24, 2016 and I’m very sorry to hear that. In behalf of the management of Hills View Mountain Villa, I sincerely apologize to you and your group for all the unpleasant experiences you guys had at our place.”

Me: Hi Braeden, Thank you so much for reaching out. We appreciate it. And please know that from the bottom of our hearts, we forgive you. Others comment and told us to sue because of the harassment your staff did but we choose not to. The blog I wrote was not a hate blog, not a negative review just for the sake of doing it. I was just giving an honest personal perspective from our group’s experience because we did not have that kind of info going there. It was all mostly positive. I had to show people the “bad side” so they can prepare and you Guys can “listen” to improve. In the blog, I already mentioned that we forgave Hills View even before you apologized. Thank you.

I agree there was a miscommunication

Braeden: “Regarding this matter, I think there was a misunderstanding between your group and my mom. According to my mom (I talked to her regarding this matter just this morning after reading your blog) your group was supposedly booked at Captain’s Haven. Ms.Ivy Cagatin, who I believe is one of your companion last Sunday, texted my mom last April 5,2016 at 7:58am inquiring about the villa if it is available on April24. My mom texted back saying Hills View Mountain Villa is already booked for that day and offered if your group wanted to stay at Captain’s Haven instead. My mom even told her to look at the pictures of Captain’s Haven posted on her FB page and told her that Captain’s Haven is 1kilometer away from Hills View Mountain Villa. Afterwards she texted back saying she wanted to reserve the place and asked if she can deposit the payment in the afternoon of the same day or the next day because my mom required her to pay at least 50% of the rate. On April 11, days before your reservation, Ms.Ivy texted again asking if there’s a TV because you wanted to watch the Presidential Debate, my mom replied yes referring to Captain’s Haven (where Ms.Ivy was booked). On the day of April24, Ms.Ivy texted again at around 1pm saying that the group will be there at around 3pm.”

“So as expected, your group was set to occupy the big house at the Captain’s Haven which you guys booked and payed for through Ms.Ivy Cagatin. Regarding the electricity issue, Hills View Mountain Villa is using a generator because the electricity line hasn’t reached our place yet but at Captain’s Haven they are already using the DLPC electricity line. My mom didn’t inform her regarding the generator issue because in the first place your group wasn’t booked at Hills View Mountain Villa.”

Me: Thanks for bringing this out. A friend of mine sent me screenshots of your mom’s convo with our contact earlier but it wasn’t that all clear to me because I saw the chat names and not the number. It was also chats on top of other chats in screenshots so it’s not that clear.

Please know however that it was not Ivy Cagatin who booked our trip there. It was just named to them. She asked someone else and this person did not give us these details. She just said it was booked. And we assumed it was for Hills View because the contact, the photos, the plan was all for Hills View. No details about D’ Captain’s Haven, etc. It was another person who was communicating with your mom and unfortunately this person did not communicate the details about going to D’ Captain’s Haven to us. Maybe because she thought it’s all in one place? Maybe she did not receive that part of the text?Maybe because she forgot we don’t know. I have to admit that this is our fault. We should have taken all the details from her.

Update: We got hold of the person who booked our stay and she mentioned that she did not received the info about D’ Captain’s Haven… This is where the miscommunication happened. Hills View thought we got the message. Our contact on the other hand did not get it so we were set for Hills View. She got the basement area text but because she gave the number of people coming, she taught it was a place which can accommodate us all. Please see screenshots of our contact’s convo below.

13045516_10209592532478564_616557623_n (1)





However this is where your management could have helped us. If only there was someone stay-in there who guided us, it would have been easier. We sent the money to your mom so we were your customers not D’ Captain’s Haven. It would have been good if someone knew our booking ahead of time, welcomed us with a smile and guided our SUVs to D’ Captain’s Haven. It would have been a different story.

As mentioned in the blog, we were tired, hungry and all we wanted was to rest but we were greeted but snob and unhelpful caretakers… without the info we needed in the middle of those hills in pitch dark, it was too much for us.

Please also don’t use our group’s miscommunication incident to make it appear as if there are no double bookings. There were even TWO GROUPS booked last April 24 excluding our group. Forgive me if this is not what you meant. But please hear out these feedbacks for improvement as well.



Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 6.20.03 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 6.20.37 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 6.19.27 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 8.51.52 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 6.20.16 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 6.19.49 PM

A little retouch with the Facility

Braeden: “We know that our place needs a lot of improvement, as to structure, electricity, staffs and management. With this I humbly say sorry for what you guys experienced. Our place was built last 1995, just a private villa exclusively for our family and friends who wants to enjoy the place. We just opened it to public sometime in the last quarter of 2015 since many are inquiring about the place if it was for rent. Didn’t expect that it would come this far, that many would like to visit the place. And with this we are expanding and renovating some parts of the area that is why when you were there you saw some unfinished structures. Again we are sorry for this.”

Me: No worries. Would you mind however if I suggest to prep the Villa with a little retouch? Like simple fastening the wires sticking out from the ceiling, or putting a “do not enter” sign in the unfinished structures esp. in the view deck part where there’s no fencing? Kids can fall when left alone.


A security guard would be nice too. 🙂 I have to mention that those NPAs we met were nice and decent. (Not the getting money from us though.) That’s why I mention that the mommy’s mind can ran wild…

The videoke in my personal opinion is not suitable as well. It is a place for tranquility and unwinding. It may be ok too if there are no double bookings.

Please also hide the sex toys away from the villa. We saw one under the short blue vase in the basement room and in the bottom part of that medicine cabinet or drawer…


We have nothing against lumads

Braeden: “Regarding the staff issue, our temporary staffs there are lumads. Why lumads? Because we wanted to help them earn for their living and give them a chance. In behalf of our lumad staffs and Hills View management, I again humbly apologize. We know that you guys are more educated than them that’s why we are asking for your understanding. Please know that we are not tolerating their behavior and rest assured that we will look after this matter.”

Me: We love lumads. We love nations and people groups. That’s the number one reason why we love to travel. We don’t look at them lesser than who we are. And you guys giving them work is great. Eden Nature Park and Resort is doing the same thing. They just need to be trained well when it comes to customer satisfaction because it’s a new world for them. We don’t look ourselves highly and look down at them too. The blog  was an honest expression with raw emotions from what happened.

This is also the reason why we did not report to the authorities despite throwing stones, illegally detaining our companion, cursing and yelling when we were moving out, them “chasing” us at the parking lot in their motorbike and machete at the back — because we understood that they are not there yet. If someone got hurt or something broken, it would have been a different story (we really saw God’s protection in that moment). But because we got home safe, we understand. We were traumatized but we still choose to forgive.

Thanks for looking into this and hearing our concerns. My friends told me that those who posted negative comments where blocked or their comments either deleted. THANK YOU for taking the time to listen. You just opened your business another avenue for progress. Cheers to that.

Helping each other

Braeden: “Lastly, I would like to thank Ms.Julmar for the comments regarding our villa as this would help us improve our place and our service. It would have been better if you directly messaged us or my mom regarding this matter. But since it’s already there, we would just accept it and learn from it. Again, WE ARE SORRY.






Me: We are in one nation and we are one people. Please know that in all honesty, I shared the experience to “warn” others what to expect also so the management can improve. We’re here to help each other.

I would like to also take this opportunity to say that please forgive me and our group as well if this has caused your business negative feedbacks. The intention was to bring everything in the light of truth so we all can grow.



P.S. – It would have been great if it was your mom (as the manager and owner) who reached out to us but your action is valued. Again, thanks. This is appreciated.


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