We are Giving Our Christian Vote to #Duterte

As Christians, why should we vote for Mayor Duterte

Less than a month to the 2016 presidential elections, we finally have decided who to vote for president. All of them are good and can lead to some measures, but as a people who expect a spiritual revival in the Philippines; we have to look at different avenues to choose who the best candidate for the Malacañang Palace is. We prayed, watched almost every interviews, read almost all trending posts, followed each of their campaign journeys online, and we have come to a sound decision that we are giving our #ChristianVote to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Voting with a Conviction

We call this the #ChristianVote because this is not just a vote from a Filipino citizen (not that it is lesser) exercising the rights of suffrage alone. This is not just a vote out of our own personal experiences, ethnicity (Bisaya) and locality. This is not even because he is our Mayor.

This is a vote in faith and intercession given to the one who we believe can be used by God to usher His destiny and calling for the Filipino people.

Qualified but…

Let’s go there straight.

Senator Meriam Santiago is sickly. She is smart but can’t even stand in debates for a long period of time because of her physical limitations. How can she run this nation in its nitty gritty plight? The Philippines needs a president who will go to every barangays and get her/his hands dirty (not in a corrupt way) with work. Senator Santiago is not the right person for this responsibility.

Senator Grace Poe is well-versed but has limited experience. She can do research, prepare a plan but the last #PiliPinasDebates2016 for presidentiables disclosed that she can’t decide effectively in the midst of crisis. This was reflected when she was asked by the good Mayor on what will she do if China attacks. Senator Poe is good but not fully equipped for this time being. This is setting aside the issue on her citizenship which may play a crucial role in understanding what this country needs.

Former Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas has been given a lot of chances for good governance over the past few years but he hasn’t done this nation any outstanding and effective long term change. Former DILG Sec. Roxas was born to a family of influential leaders but does not possess the heart and will to be one.

Vice President Jejomar Binay is tinted with corruption issues. We have a saying that “when there’s smoke, there’s fire”. He denied all issues and say all are black propagandas. But how come he did not also expose what’s true? Why is he not present in all hearings? Why is he not using media to share what reality is? A press conference can be very easy to call but he did not do anything to address these issues.

This tells us that he is hiding something. There’s no transparency. And in the condition the Philippines is at right now, gray lines are not a gamble we’re willing to risk.

Duterte for President
Photo from http://www.rappler.com/.

Why #DU30?

Let’s also go their straight.

Mayor Duterte is a proven and tested effective leader. In all the presidential candidates only Mayor Duterte has a track record of competent public service WITHOUT CORRUPTION issues. His 22 years of service in Davao is definitely not perfect but the best across the land.

We are a living witnesses. We have traveled a few cities in Europe, Asia and the Philippines but there’s no place like Davao City.

  • There is peace and order. The law is functioning. There are No Smoking Ordinance, Firecracker Ban, Speed Limit, Liquor Restriction, No Videoke In Public after 10pm, and a few more rules that we all abide and value. It’s not a martial law state because only those who violate the law receive humane consequences. These laws gave this city the rare peace of mind we can’t find in any cities.
  • There is safety. People are free and protected. When we see police officers (which is almost every 1 kilometer in public places), we feel safe and not threatened. When we hear news of bomb threats and crimes, we have a mindset that it won’t happen in Davao City because we have Mayor Duterte. Our 911 and public rescue and safety teams are there 24/7 ready to respond to any call of help, for free!
  • There is progress. Visit Davao City today, you will see taller buildings and new infrastructures simultaneously being built all over. There are jobs and good opportunities. It’s true, life is here. And this can be possible nationwide, if the Philippines is up for it.
  • There is equality. People are heard. Even the poorest of poor receives justice when the issue reaches the Mayor. People from different groups even the minorities, are esteemed.

Mayor Duterte can unite the nation. The NPA, MILF, MNLF, Catholics, (“born again”) Christians and all other groups share a good standing with the Mayor. There is mutual honor and respect despite the differences.

And only a Mayor Duterte can do this. Only him can lead this diverse land with more than 80 ethnic groups spread out in 7000 plus islands, including all the Filipinos working all over the world. He alone can bring the unity we badly need.

Mayor Duterte has a clear plan with a time frame. Only a #DuterteCayetano tandem gives us  solutions. If this is a science class and Filipino people is the teacher, other tandems (science groups) are identifying the problem and giving us hypotheses. The #DuCay tandem is giving this land a conclusion and recommendations. They both have the leadership and political will for transformation.

Yes, our Vice-President is Senator Allan Cayetano. Here’s why.


In addition, if we deem that Mayor Duterte is a great leader; wise and not corrupt, we have to trust his choice. There’s a reason why he choose Cayetano and not Marcos or Robredo…

Mayor Duterte is a palaban (gladiatorial). The Mayor is a fighter. He hates crimes and injustice. He is brave and is a man of action.

Mayor Duterte is a patriot. He has passion for the nation and love for the Filipino people that we have not seen from the rest. He ran not because he wants to gain something, but because he wants to serve his people and bring change in this nation. He genuinely cares for the poor and the helpless.

Not Political

Mayor Duterte has issues…

He cuss and is adulterous according to the Law of God. These caused our hesitations before because we wanted a leader who upholds righteousness. We even had to follow his stands on divorce and same sex marriage and we’re happy when he declared NO to both. Nonetheless, we have to understand that he did not have a real encounter with God yet. We can’t expect anyone to uphold God’s values and project the saintly life when he doesn’t have the Holy Spirit in his life. That would be unfair.

via lifehacker.com
via lifehacker.com

The killings of Davao Death Squad (DDS) is also linked to his name. This was a big no-no to me before. I even wrote a blog about it discussing how it doesn’t reflect the heart of God who is full of grace. These criminals should be given a chance. But over the years I understood that in a corrupt nation like the Philippines where the justice system works only for the rich, a serious Public Servant needs to do radical measures to uphold justice and common good. Desperate men do desperate things.

It’s simple, killing one drug pusher will save 50 kids who are using drugs. And we’re from Davao City, we have personally seen at least three pushers killed and have talked to their relatives. We even know someone whose Dad was a former member of the DDS. Living here for more than 15 years, we can attest that it’s true, no one is killed without being warned, no minor, women or the innocent are killed. Because if only our judicial system works, the DDS should have remained a myth.

To add, the Mayor also has a bad mouth. The latest “rape joke” shows that. He has “gutter language”. How we wish he talks more statesmanly but he is who he is. He grew up in the “streets”. But at the end of the day, it’s not about who talks more politically correct but who can lead this nation with effective leadership. The one who won’t steal from the people but will give himself fully to the nation.

Lastly, Mayor Duterte is not the “good image” guy we’re used to. Not the political type that tickles our itching ears with good words but are unable to implement and bring real change. He bluntly reflects the real situation of our society: broken family, cusses when mad… But why would these actions intimidate the Christian in us when we often see these in our own neighborhood? Adultery, cussing, and killings are in the very soap operas you love to watch. Let’s not do what the Pharisees did when Jesus walked on earth. 🙂

Revival in the Philippines

We believe in the change coming. We believe in revival coming to the Philippines. As Christians, we need to look what God is doing and not be blinded by self-righteousness. We need to be able to set aside our religious preferences and think of our nation. Who can lead us best? Who has a track record great governance? Who is not corrupt? Who can best bring the will of God and His righteousness in this nation? It is the one with the selfless motive to real change.

This is the time for revival. He is giving us a leader who can usher transformation in our land. Let’s position our nation for revival by voting the one with the heart to serve and will to change. Duterte, despite his imperfections is the man of the hour! He is the instrument for change.

Duterte for President
Image from http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/.

Yes he’s not a Christian (yet). But even the “unbeliever kings” in the Old Testament (Nebuchadnezzar, Xerxes) were used by God to bring salvation to His people. It just takes a people bold enough to position themselves to be used by God and usher blessing from a leader to a nation. Let’s be the Daniel and Esther of our generation. Let’s give our #ChristianVote to #Duterte!

🙂 🙂 🙂

NOTE: When I used the word “we”, this means my Husband and I. This stand and campaign do not reflect the people we serve and organizations we’re affiliated. However if you’re a Christian like to join us in the “we” voice and would like to influence others to give their #ChristianVote to #Duterte, please pray with us… please share this blog to open more eyes. On to national transformation!

Published by Julmar Grace Locsin

Grace hails from her favorite city in the world, Davao City! She is a mom of twins, Sovi and Tice and is happily married to business owner and musician, Jay Locsin. She considers herself an "eye" who loves to say out of what she sees. Her articles focus on family, parenting, marriage, and motherhood as part of the Christian life. She is also a big believer of the Filipino call and destiny and writes a lot about revival in the Philippines. Her work have been featured in a lot of online publications, national tabloids and radio shows like the Philippines Star, GMA News (Mindanao) and DzBB. She is currently helping her husband with their business teaching other families how to earn from home as she manages homeschooling, writing, and finishing her doctorate. Follow Grace's journey as she inspires, make an impact, and transform nations for heaven, for the King!

369 thoughts on “We are Giving Our Christian Vote to #Duterte

  1. ms julmar, i wud like to ask wat is ur stand as of now on the allegations that seems to be true against duterte? am now undecided to vote for him..

    1. Hi Alice, Election is 10 days more… Black propaganda can be expected. They used several already but it wasn’t successful. The Mayor has always been a man of honor. He admitted that he has an account but not millions as there. He even challanged Trillanes to do it PROPERLY in court (he’s a wise man). If Trilannes’ “proofs” are true, he should not fear going to the RIGHT platform and not call media anymore. He should have gone to the court and filed a case. That is he’s doing this for the country’s sake and not to spread black propaganda. However, I must say that we should put our trust in the Lord. Duterte’s leadership and uncorrupt political will for change is but a TOOL for revival. Jesus is who we should be looking at. He is the Author and Finisher or our faith. He loves this nation and has a plan for our people. I’m casting my vote to Duterte because he’s a tool (his track record, leadership says that). But I’m putting my faith in Jesus because if the Lord of this nation. He will let Duterte pass through this trial, He will bring change in our nation. So it’s time to pray… Our battle is not against Trillanes, it’s against the spirit of corruption and oligarchy that’s pulling us back to poverty. Let’s press on in the spiritual realm and release heavenly hosts to bring national transformation in our beloved Philippines.

      1. The mayor lied about the existence of his BPI account. His lawyer lied. When someone made a deposit to that account and it was confirmed that he and his daughter owns it, he retracted his previous statement and said he owns that said account. He signed a waiver to open his account for scrutiny last March and now he won’t open his account. That is public knowledge and are all out in the papers, TV and the internet. Facts are NOT black propaganda. Now tell me, did he lie or not? Do we entrust our country, our institutions, our values and families to a man who can’t keep his word, jokes about rape, makes fun of PWD, curses the Pope and advocates killings? What does your Bible tell about these things? I promise to be all ears and eyes.

      2. Resharing this post from Atty Cabrera. I pray our people will heed God’s word

        “We Urgently Need a Wise Leader

        Therefore, as a nation it is urgent that we seek to elect as wise, honest, humble, experienced, capable, decisive, and resolute a leader as is available to us. And we would be wise to elect a leader, if possible, who truly fears God, since he or she must have an internal moral resistance to the powerful temptations to evil that will come with wielding great power.

        If we do not, if we elect a foolish leader, the costs will be very high — higher than most of us yet understand. “We the people” will groan (Proverbs 29:2).

        How do we know if a potential leader is foolish? The principle is in this statement that Jesus made: “Every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit” (Matthew 7:17). We must examine the fruit. And the Bible is quite clear on what the diseased fruit of foolishness looks like:

        The foolish look with haughty eyes (Proverbs 6:17).
        The foolish engage in slander (Proverbs 10:18).
        The foolish joke about their wrongdoing (Proverbs 10:23).
        The foolish make great boasts (Psalm 12:3).
        The foolish are stubbornly right in their own eyes (Proverbs 12:15).
        The foolish are quickly annoyed by insults (Proverbs 12:16).
        The foolish lash out in rash words like sword thrusts (Proverbs 12:18).
        The foolish express no shame over their folly (Proverbs 13:16).
        The foolish speak and act with recklessness and carelessness (Proverbs 14:16).
        The foolish spew folly from their mouths (Proverbs 15:2).
        The foolish despise instruction and reproofs from those who are wiser (Proverbs 15:5).
        When the foolish try and speak in a dignified manner it feels artificial (Proverbs 17:7).
        Rebukes just bounce off of the foolish (Proverbs 17:10).
        The foolish love to boldly pronounce their opinions (Proverbs 18:2).
        The foolish have repeatedly been ensnared by their words in their past (Proverbs 18:7).
        The foolish are often characterized by quarreling (Proverbs 20:3).
        The foolish frequently disregard wisdom (Proverbs 23:9).
        When others stoop to engage the foolish according to their folly, they end up looking foolish themselves (Proverbs 26:4).
        The foolish have a history of repeating their folly (Proverbs 26:11).
        Those known to be wise are concerned and burdened by the words and actions of the foolish (Proverbs 27:3).
        The foolish rage or mock when arguing with others (Proverbs 29:9).
        The foolish love to give full vent to their spirit (Proverbs 29:11).
        The foolish are quick to speak (Proverbs 29:20).
        The foolish are often characterized by shouting (Ecclesiastes 9:17).
        The foolish may consider themselves religious, but their unbridled tongues show that religion to be worthless (James 1:26).
        This is not an exhaustive list of foolishness, nor (obviously) is it the only list to consider when electing a leader. This is simply level one. If a potential leader does not pass the assessment of this list, we must consider them disqualified.

        Examine the Fruit

        What is true of false prophets is also true of foolish leaders: “You will recognize them by their fruits” (Matthew 7:20). So examine the fruit. It is true that all leaders, being sinners, will act foolishly on occasion. What we are looking for is consistent, characteristic fruit, not anomalies. If you find characteristic fruit of foolishness, do not be deceived by words or fear or any form of pressure. Do not elect a fool to a ruling position.

        For what is true of false prophets is also true of foolish leaders: They will act wickedly. And “when the wicked rule, the people groan” (Proverbs 29:2).”

      3. @Ellen… It takes faith in Jesus to be able to trust Him what He’s about to do through a tool. It takes religious spirit to judge people black and white…

  2. I am One! There’s no Godly leader in them but God loves the one who’s humble at heart. He will exalt the humble. I see that Humility in Tatay Mayor’s Heart. So he is my choice #DUCAY 🙂

    1. Hi Ms. Nance Biwas, can i share your prayer for us Filipinos on this coming election? Thanks And God Bless!

  3. I am a christian that’s why i am not voting for duterte. Change your title and don’t drag other christians to your personal choice. It’s misleading just like the one you’re rooting for.

    1. Jamie Lee, please read the Post Script. I encourage you to vote for your personal choice. Vote for a Saint maybe? A sinless? Those that appears “Holy” and “Clean” Never mind that God looks at the heart and not the outward appearance. Never mind the ways of the Pharisees and Sadducees.

      I am a Christian.

    2. This is the bottom part of her statement.

      NOTE: When I used the word “we”, this means my Husband and I. This stand and campaign do not reflect the people we serve and organizations we’re affiliated. However if you’re a Christian like to join us in the “we” voice and would like to influence others to give their #ChristianVote to #Duterte, please pray with us… please share this blog to open more eyes. On to national transformation!

      1. If he does have the clearest, most detailed and articulated platform, can you post his platform here or at least post a link to his “clear platform?” Prove to us that nothing is misleading when all he gives are vague, unclear explanations to everything.

  4. You talked about GOD and yet you approved an act of murder and other kind of violence.. they called it Hypocracy! “I don’t need Catholic voters, I have many supporters, PUTANG INA ANDAMING RELIGION DYAN” -Duterte




      1. Life is always a risk Danielle. But I’d rather risk my vote to a man with “gutter language” who can do the job religiously than who speaks well and are political but will just steal from people. Duterte, if he has money in the bank, I don’t think it’s ill-gotten. His record has been CLEAN all these 22 years.

    1. Nope. I am on fire for Jesus and this nation for years now. You’re just saying that because you don’t like what you’re reading as you prefer another candidate.

  5. The best way to know whom to vote for this coming election, is to pray earnestly and always and surely God will reveal…I did that even before Duterte announced his candidacy for president. I am a patriotic Filipino. I love our nation and wants the Philippines to progress towards the fulfillment of its great destiny..I am also a strong Christian. I uphold moral values and what the Bible teaches..that is why I sought the Lord who is omnipotent, knows all things and searches the hearts of men for guidance,,because we will be accountable for our votes..I praise God that He explicitly showed me the candidate He will use in this season in our nation..I was amazed.Cant believe how God answered…We may not understand sometimes but God’s ways are higher than ours..God uses people whose character will fit for His purpose for a particular time…Before the Philippines will become a Glorious nation..there should be cleansing….Actually we have good political aspirants these days more than ever before.All of them are competent in their own way and can be good presidents even with all issues surrounding them but the thing is: Who among them in this season and state of our nation can effectively be used to fulfill God’s purpose?..Debates,campaign ADs, propaganda,newspapers, media and etc may be convincing and give us ideas of whom to vote but still only God knows the true heart of a candidate.Their past, present and future.And only by.seeking God’s guidance thru prayer can we really know..Let’s continue to pray for our nation..God bless the Philippines. Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao is for Christ.

  6. Well said. I am a believer and committed follower of the Lord Jesus. I am voting for Rody Duterte and Allan Peter Cayetano and I have been praying earnestly for them and for the Lord to take full control of this coming elections. May His will be done. God loves the Philippines. I believe in my heart that He has now raised a strong leader to genuinely transform this country and its people, for His glory and honor. A leader who will pursue God’s justice and righteousness. Duterte hasn’t experienced spiritual rebirth (being “born-again”) yet, thus the filthy language and insensitive remarks. But he has a pure and humble heart, with no tinge of hypocrisy. He has genuine compassion for the poor and the needy and loves our country and the Filipino people sincerely and unconditionally. Thus, he will not steal from us or deprive us of what this government should be providing us with. You see, it isn’t difficult to tame one’s tongue. It’s far more difficult to change a proud heart. And God looks at the heart. In God’s time, Duterte will come to know the Lord Jesus in an intimate and deep way, and his transformation unto Christ-likeness while leading this country will display God’s glory to the whole world. This is God’s appointed time. For where is the honor due to God in a country that is known as “the only Christian country in Asia” YET “the most corrupt country in the whole world”?

  7. I am sorry I can’t join the group. The presentation is too biased pointing out the goodness of Mayor alone. The presentation for other candidates is too shallow. I have prayed for this over and over and even asked God to convince me that D is the right one I shld vote for. I’ve received revelation during my quiet time “a mountain tied by a black smoke” God impressed the meaning as a nation under the spell of Spirit of Idolatry, Spirit of murmuring and mockery, and spiritual blindness. God is shaking our faith as a Christian. God is jealous of how people idolizes him even his untoward behavior. Because of these, I asked God to release our nation from these spiritual forces and if there’s anything that is hidden let it be revealed. Starting April 13 something is happening. God reveals something about him. Praise God. After that i have decided whom to vote for. The latest revelation yesterday was about the hidden wealth of D which he admitted today that it exists. For the longest time he lied that he’s poor and just a simple man. But he is just like any other politician. Nothing special about him. Sad but true.

    1. Those are all black propaganda Joanne. He did not admit to the 200+ million. He’s not lying. 🙂

      I had to be shallow with the other candidates because this is about DU30, why he is our choice. I also mentioned the negative side in the Not Political part. Please read again with an open mind.

      1. It’s not black propaganda. He himself said that he has “a little less than 200 million” (watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xwqo7LzMyIc). I don’t think “a little less than 200 million” is around 1 million pesos only, right? 🙂 … Lets say..roughly 150M? He also said that, “ubos na…nag-happy happy ako”… He spent that big amount sa happy2x lang?
        Don’t get me wrong, I’ve already voted for Duterte last week. But I have an open mind. Ayokong magsisi sa pagboto ko sa kanya. We’ll see tomorrow (Monday).

      2. Thanks Joanne… I may be wrong. But I am trusting really on his good governance, leadership, the peace and order I am experiencing now. I trust that if he has money and “gifs” from other people al are not ill-goten. He is a lawyer. Has been a prosecutor for years. If he has an intention to fool people, he would have done better. Like put his accounts in pseudo names, etc. Thus I have faith in the good Mayor. His 22 years in Davao tell me that I am in for greatness when I’ll vote for him.

  8. Sorry I can’t join your group supporting him. I have prayed for this over and over and even asked God to convince me to vote for Mr.D. But instead one time (April 13 2am)upon waking up I had a vision ” a mountain tied by a black smoke” which is revealed to me as our nation placed under a spell of Spirit of Idolatry, Spirit of Murmuring &Mockery, & Spiritual blindness. During that I ask God to release our people from that spiritual forces and if Mr. D is the chosen to sit on the position protect him but if otherwise let everything that is hidden be revealed. So our people may see
    Night of April 13 Mr. D has a sortie where he joked about that rape incident, then the outrage remarksof the Australians, Apr.14 he withdrew his claim that Sen. Mar was behind his disqualification case but Binay, and so many issues that came out. And recently yesterday he told us that Trillanes is lying about his expose re: his account in BPI which he didnt declare in his SALN. but just today he admitted that it is true. For this I think God has already done his part to warn us. It’s up to us if we’ll open our eyes and accept the facts that is already in front of our face. I prayed that God will give wisdom to everyone. In Jesus name!

  9. If proven that Duterte was dishonest in his 2014 SALN, would you still stand and campaign for him?

    If Duterte really wants timely justice, should he not just sign the bank waiver so that Trillanes’ allegations could be proven true or otherwise?

    Corruption is one of the main culprits of our country’s poverty.

  10. Sorry I can’t join your group supporting him. I have prayed for this over and over and even asked God to convince me to vote for Mr.D. But instead one time (April 13 2am)upon waking up I had a vision ” a mountain tied by a black smoke” which is revealed to me as our nation placed under a spell of Spirit of Idolatry, Spirit of Murmuring &Mockery, & Spiritual blindness. During that time I ask God to release our people from that spiritual forces and if Mr. D is the chosen to sit on the position protect him but if otherwise let everything that is hidden be revealed. So our people may see
    Night of April 13 Mr. D has a sortie where he joked about that rape incident, then the outrage remarksof the Australians, Apr.14 he withdrew his claim that Sen. Mar was behind his disqualification case but Binay, and so many issues that came out. And recently yesterday he told us that Trillanes is lying about his expose re: his account in BPI which he didnt declare in his SALN. but just today he admitted that it is true. For this I think God has already done his part to warn us. It’s up to us if we’ll open our eyes and accept the facts that is already in front of our face. I prayed that God will give wisdom to everyone. In Jesus name!

  11. if duterte wins economy will fall down because of his bad mouth well thats a consequence for electing a leader like duterte…not all christian will vote for him.

  12. it appears that while you prayed and continue to pray, you heard and are hearing a voice other than God’s. For how can a righteous God tell you to vote for someone who is a murderer, adulterer, foul-mouthed, liar and corrupt; whose supporters are equally foul-mouthed, rumor-mongers, hoax fabricators and spreaders, bullies, and black propagandists? And don’t call your vote a Christian vote because it only earns Christianity another bad name. If you are really a Christian–a follower of Jesus Christ–you will not dare vote for Duterte, or even Binay. Are you really a Christian, who believes that Jesus Christ died to pay for your sin and that he rose from the dead on the third day? If yes when did you receive him as your Lord and Savior?

  13. Hi Julmar!

    I appreciate your work! However, in my own opinion, after having weighed your argument on extra-judicial killing, I think it is too weak. If that is really your opinion, then keep it there. I may give my response.

    God bless!


    1. Hi Ruzz, I had to make the blog short and concise. I did not want to focus on the DDS as this is about why we’re voting for Mayor Duterte.

  14. Same po tau…khit sa pligid ko lhat na sya ang bukang bibig…but why…i cant feel that duterte is choosen by god also my bishop..hnd nmn tlg nkakapgtaka na titingalain sya ng tao..for his achievemnts…pro base dun sa una nilang debates bakit pro sya sa sme sex mrrge at annlmnt…dhil daw ksiyahan nmn daw ng tao un..at ung pgmurder gagawin png legal na…kita mo ngaun lht ng nkikita kna sa post my mga mura..kng mkalait pa cla…grabe na tlg influence nya…alm tlg kng cno gagamtin nya..ung akla ng tao mgdadala ng peace and order sa liwanag pero sa dilim lagim pla…wag mtakot sa nkakaptay sa laman mtakottayo sa nkmamatay ng kaluluwa…hnd nmn tayo ngsasabi na tayo ang tama sla ang mali…but d point is inataasan ka to warn them..pro hnd mo gnwa ikw ang ngkakasla…but if u warn them..but they did not listen..ur done..its not ur rspnsiblity yet…but we have to respct evryones choice…we have a freedom to choose but takenote..its good to base on a biblical way…tnk u..may god enlighten us…

  15. Hi Christian voter! God bless you for sharing a reality that voting for Mayor Du30 is a sensible and valuable exercise to our right of Suffrage. I firmly believed his Capacity, capability and competency to do things accordingly.

  16. this was just shared with me. i thought my fellow Christians are already rooting for a solid vote, based on the title. but when did that ever happen? yes, the title is misleading. this should not even be spread around. i respect your decision to vote for your candidate but please do not include “all Christians in your “we”. i have not known ever that anyone who believes in Jesus as his Lord and Savior, could go for anyone like the candidate mentioned in this post. yes, all of us are sinners and have fallen short of the glory of God. but, please remember that what we need is a leader who will make us proud to be a Filipino, who could lead us to grow in our faith in God and Jesus, our Savior.

  17. Bretheren. You cant decide ba? I suggest 3 days before election that you fast, pray in tongues or what ever denominational style you prefer and then on election day draw lots for your candidates.It is biblical. That way God chooses for you. If however you draw out a candidate and Binay comes out, dont throw it back and say ” Lord, I think you made a terrible mistake” or say” I will put it back because I didnt pray hard enough or fasted long enough.”

  18. As Christians I think you should believe that our God is a great healer and only God knows how long a person can live. Don’t look down on anyone who is sick. Most of the time, these people are stronger than tha physically healthy. I think your decision is more of an opinion than a product of intercession. The leaders in the bible were set as examples so we would know exactly if what kind of leader should we choose. As Christians, first and foremost we should choose someone who is God fearing and God loving. Someone who will strongly honor the commandments of God and the laws of our society.

  19. I am a Christian and my my VP is definitely #Cayetano.
    We are Christians, why would we choose other candidates while our brother in Christ needs our support? We should all unite to support him, all qualities of being a good leader is in him:
    *Godly man. Good husband. Intelligent. Experienced. Honest and not corrupt. Humble (kahit sampal sa kanya ang pagsuport ng iba sa Duterte-Bbm na yan). Loyal. Very Passionate about his work. With good family reputation. Proud Christian (especially sa mga debates, always saying if God-willing na manalo sya) . Love his country his fellowmen. Sincere. Walk his talk. Christian.

    For the President, my conviction is to still vote for Duterte. Sa sitwasyon ng Pilipinas ngaun, hindi na maintenance medicine ang kailangan kundi isang matinding gamot. May kakayahan syang ayusing lahat ng wala sa ayos, ipatupad ang batas na andyan naman na pero kulang sa pagpapatupad, at pagkaisahin ang lahat ng Pilipino anuman ang dialekto/adhikain/antas ng pamumuhay. Di naman kailangan ng “sinless” President ng ating bansa. Ang kailangan natin isang tunay na lider na ang tanging adhikain ay maisaayos ang Pilipinas. Nakakasawa na din ang paulit ulit na pamumuno pero puro salita, kulang naman sa gawa. Kaya nga nandyan si Vp Cayetano, para ma-assist sya.
    Kaya para sa akin, Duterte ang Presidente ko at Cayetano lang ang VP ko. (Best tandem for our beloved country). #DuCay only 🇵🇭

  20. Whoooh… “Christian vote”? That endorssing candidate that will lead to mass destruction?
    Wake up… Wake up… Shake..shake…. Open up our minds… Not just our eyes… To see things beyond eyes can’t see…. Now let’s try to see things, “duterte para sa pag babago”? di kaya pwedeng mangyaring masaklap na pag babago? Wag naman po sana.. Lord guide us…. Sa pamamalakad nya sa davao batas nya nasusunod? No one is above the law. Yes.. Pabor sa lahat at side ng tama. Sagot sa katiwalian, at para sa walang kinakatakutan, possible na maiaayos ang bayan ni juan. But on the other hand, pano kung sya ang batas? Magiging “No one is above me” instead “no one is above the law”. Sa ngayon being mayor may nakakataas sa kanya at paalalanan pag may mali papansinin kaya nya? Sa ngayon nga bilang kandidato at ang mga botante mas mataas sa kanya pinapakita nya o nilalabas nya kahit pa ano sabihin ng iba ikakasira man o may masasaktan na damdamin ng iba. focus on the attitude… Sa issue ng sakit (narccistic…) nya against sa asawa nya na sinasabi nilang matagal na pero ang sintomas sa ngayon taglay parin nya. Do you imagine 2person na mag banggaan sa parehong attitude o parehas na walang papatalo o papa daig na walang papa kumbaba? (Matira matibay na…) kung leader ng gropo, gropo sa gropo, riot na… At kung leader ng bansa, bansa sa bansa gyera na… Sa davao pwedeng applicable sya, dahil pagnakamali ka o komontra ka may kalalagyan ka. Pero pano pag may border na? At may sariling batas o paninindigan na? Pano pag ayaw din matapakan o masagi man lang buntot nila? At damay mo pa ang kakampi mo magiging kaaway mo pa… Pano na? Makaka buti ba kaya o makakasama? In this matter, more important is mind’s power, pero sa gaya nya, taglay ba kaya nya? Kulang sa pag cocontrol kahit pansamanta, kahit ngayon man lang kandidato plang. But on the other hand.ok. We can see what,who he is in reality. Let’s start from a family, father should be the great leader. Padre de familya. A great father can not be measured by how long stick you have, or how high your voice is, or by the power of these. Should be measured by the power of the mind.
    Information can absolutly educate our selves… By open minds we can do it.. As voters to chose the right one para sa magandang pagbabago. As responsible voter. And always seek guidance from above.

    1. Mass destruction agad? Let’s just pray that God will have His will Renan. 🙂 Don’t fret. Keep calm. Change is coming… 🙂

  21. please stop arguing to each other. Just follow what Bible said and that’s it.Don’t compromise your Christian faith.

  22. No offense Miss,

    With all candor and honesty, don’t you find it atleast disconcerting for a particular faith, sect or denomination to endorse a particular candidate?

    It’s also the same reason why we laugh or disdain INC’s culture of “Bloc Voting” and here we are as Christians doing the same thing.

    Don’t get me wrong, I respect your choice as he is my choice as well, but what is unsettling here is the usage of Christians for Duterte.

    1. Hi Jennifer, As explained in the blog, the #ChristianVote was a vote in faith for Duterte’s leadership aligning to God’s plan and call in this nation. It is a PERSONAL belief and act of faith… It was clearly explained that the “WE” there DO NOT REPRESENT any group of people not even our church nor religious affiliations. If anyone wants to join my husband and I however, they were asked to share.

  23. I do not agree with this. I will never vote for someone like Duterte. How can I as christian approve such killings? People change. Besides, allegations against Binay are still alllegations. It is a very smart move for him not to answer allegations in public but rather answer them using the rule of law. After all, he is a lawyer and he knows very well that explaining technicalities to the public only brings further confusion and misunderstanding. Binay is the humble leader I am rooting for. God bless!

    1. I respect your decision Geneil. I think I already stated all the reasons I have in my why I choose Duterte in this blog. God bless.

  24. The terms ‘Christian vote’, ‘Duterte’, and ‘spiritual revival’ do not go together. I am reminded of this verse from 2 Cor. 6:14: “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?”

  25. Kung nagbabasa kayo ng Bibliya niyo (which I’m sure hindi), 1 Samuel 15:22 : Obedience is better than sacrifice.
    Sa Bible po, ang tinuturo sa atin ay “the end DOES NOT justify the means”. Kahit na may “positive” results, kung mali yung proseso, mali na lahat. Labag sa batas yung ginagawa ni Duterte. Hindi excuse na mahirap siya or gutter language or whatever. Batos. Mamatay-tao. Yan ba ang “Christian vote” mo? No. Don’t you dare put the name of our Savior there to justify your ignorance.

  26. I AM SORRY BUT I COULD NOT AGREE WITH YOU MA’AM. I have been so silent about politics for the longest time but this post URGED ME TO SPEAK OUT, REALLY. For me this is so BIASED. What I have just read, (I am sorry) but it really made me feel that it was BASED ON YOUR PERSONAL JUDGEMENT, it seemed like YOU DECIDED FIRST after then you looked for something biblical to justify such opinion and that is it (nothing can’t change your mind).I have been so sick of those black propaganda especially on my news feed, but this me made so frustrated that I CAN’T JUST CLOSE THIS TAB and go on. AND PLEASE IF THIS IS YOUR PERSONAL CHOICE as you stated, PLEASE, PLEASE, I REPEAT PLEASE DON’T USE THE COLLECTIVE TERM “As Christians/OUR Christian vote”. Oh my goodness, the title you have on this is so MISLEADING. It might seem to you that I’ve been strong on this but I don’t really mean to offend you or cause you any heavy feeling (but if this made you feel bad), I AM SORRY.

    1. Not affected at all Ligaya. No worries, nothing to apologize. 🙂 Glad to also know that I encouraged you to speak up. In what way am I being biased? As explained in the blog, the #ChristianVote was a vote in faith for Duterte’s leadership aligning to God’s plan and call in this nation. It is a PERSONAL belief and act of faith… It was clearly explained that the “WE” there DO NOT REPRESENT any group of people not even our church nor religious affiliations. If anyone wants to join my husband and I however, they were asked to share. Read with open-mindedness. Don’t be too consumed with your emotions. (Wink, wink)… ❤

  27. It is good that I was able to read your blog to help me decide whom to vote for. I have come to the same conclusions that you (and your husband)have made. I am also a Christian and I will be voting for Mayor Duterte. I want to see real change and I believe that among the five candidates, Mayor Duterte has the best track record and political will to make this country a better place for all of us. As for the VP race, I have to be candid that I like Cayetano but now inclined to vote for BBM to prevent Leni from winning the VP race. If Leni becomes VP, we can expect the trapos and oligarchs led by Noynoy Aquino to either assasinate or attempt to remove Duterte by extra-constitutional means like what they did to Erap.

  28. Duterte-CAYETANO tandem is the best! If you are for mayor Duterte and that you trust him to lead our nation, PLEASE do consider sen. Peter Allan Cayetano as your vice. He not only served our country selflessly but he also served God wholeheartedly. GO DUCAY!!!

  29. I am a Duterte supporter here in Leyte. I campaign for him in a secret passion considering that i am a government employee. My heart longs change..i also hate drugs and want this eradicated. I am not a corrupt official, hence, until now i remained in the middle class becoz i also hate corruption. It is a slap on my face singing folksongs in public with social relevance yet kurakot ug kawatan sa panunungkulan…I am the only one who filed a case against my Director and our legal division chief (LDC) at the Ombudsman and at the IBP for Disbarment of our LDC becoz I know they’re into such anomalies…thus, this post is very timely becoz this will add more for people to vote for Mayor Rody as our next President. God will bring him to Malacanang!!!

  30. we must open our minds not just eyes… pwedeng hindi agad, or i must say, “might lead to mass destruction” gaya ng sabi mo, “agad” pwede kasi candidate plang may spark na. may dingas na, pag nanalo na pwedeng apoy naat pwedeng lumaki at di na makontrol ng lahat… gaya ng sabi nya with-in 6 mons. aayusin nya ang bansa at pag di nya maayos o matupad sinabi nya bababa sya… sa tingin nyo gagawin nya yon? yes brothers and sisters, pray hard it works… but keep it in minds that “sa diyos ang awa, sa tao ang gawa.. Sa kalikasan, tao ang sumisira, tao ang mag aayos let say that with blessings of God. Climate change, sino dapat sisihin? mga tao diba may kagagawan.. So to “fix” this country, start from “WE” “tayo” tayong mga pinoy”. acquire more information and guidance from above. and never insist Duterte who can only do that.
    At pag sya nanalo, Sana nga po nagkakamali lang ako, Good luck and God Bless…

    1. Jesus is King. 🙂 This nation has a plan, God will not allow such thing. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts Renan.

  31. We respect your opinion, however please do not generalize and call this the #ChristianVote because not all Christians share your point of view.

  32. Hi Juan Krus, please follow Peter Tiu Lavina in Facebook. He’s Duterte’s spokesperson and a genuine Christian. I have met him in several gatherings. Look at his photos, you’ll see Duterte’s clear and detailed platform there. No time in posting it here.

  33. Hi Gilliam, I am not justifying his wrong doings. Read again with an open mind. I even said IF ONLY THERE’S a Christian candidate but as of the moment there is none. Giving our Christian vote to him doesn’t mean compromise God’s standards and make Duterte fit a Christian mould. Nope. We’re saying that given that there’s NO Christina candidate, that’s on fire for Jesus and righteous, Duterte (for us) is the best choice. He is what this nation need. His leadership style can be a tool to ushering God’s revival. Hope this is clearer to your understanding.

  34. Danielle, read the blog against and understand properly what I meant by the Christian Vote here. Looks like you just came here and glance through with a heart that’s close because you’re against Duterte.

    Question – Does Duterte understand the grace we Christians know? If not, then why are we judging him to act perfect?

  35. Hi Juan Krus, I am not sad that you’re saddened by this post. Apparently you’re one of those I consider “religious”. Using the word of God to justify your own belief. Not looking at what God is doing. Not open to what God can do. Read the blog again and pray for revelation. This nation doesn’t need religious opinions, it needs faith anchored on an intimate relationship with Jesus.

    “Patawad kapatid, pero hindi ako sang-ayon sa iyo.” — It’s ok. I respect your opinion. No worries.

    “Sa ngayon pa lang hindi na kayo nakikinig sa mga kapwa niyong Kristiyano na ang gusto lang naman ay makita niyo ang sinasabi ng Diyos, hindi ang kanilang mga opinyon. Nalulungkot ako kasi hindi na salita ng Diyos ang nagdidikta ng mga pinaplano at hinahangad niyo sa bansa.” — Funny… 🙂 You’re judging me and my Chirstianity right away without even knowing the motives of my heart and who I am. Just like what you’re doing with Duterte. Cause that’s what religious spirits do. They use the Bible to justify their own righteousness and not look at situations in a wider scale in the eyes of God’s sovereignty.

    “Sabi sa Bible in the latter days “men will be lovers of themselves,” and that applies to personal opinion and choice. Ayaw na makinig, ayaw na magconsider ng truth at facts (they are different). Ayaw na magpasaway sa Word of God kasi “sinabihan ako ni Lord.” TSK. Parang mas importante pa ata yung narinig niyong “boses” kesa sa nakasulat sa banal na Tipan na sadyang isinulat ng Diyos para sa ating lahat.” — Nope, if you read my other comments I respect others’ opinions open-mindedly. I am just SURE that God is on this one. That’s why I am very passionate about it. One day you’ll see. 🙂

    “Nakakalungkot itong sinulat mo, kapatid. wala akong napulot dito kundi personal mong opinyon na ginamitan pa ng pangalan ng Diyos para lang may mga maniwala na totoo. May mga kilala akong ganyan, at ang nakakatakot pa, sadyang hindi tumatanggap ng correction o rebuke ang mga taong may ganitong pag-iisip.” This is because you’re religious. 😉 And this is a blog, thus a personal expression. A personal opinion.

    “I pray for you na sana mabuksan ang mata mo sa katotohanan na ang kaharian ng Diyos ang dapat nating hangarin, hindi kaharian ni Duterte at ang Davao. Alam kong nabawasan ang mga drug pusher at kung ano pa diyan, pero napalitan naman ng mga killer (Davao Death Squad), lampang authorities (mga pulis na late dumating kapag ang DDS ay may pinatay), mga taong sinasamba ang kakayahan ni Rody, at isang pares ng matang bulag sa katotohanan na kapalit ng katahimikan ng Davao ay ang walang hustisyang kamatayan ng mga taong hindi pa kilala ang Diyos.” — 🙂 Praying for you too.

    “Mabuti ka pa, “Christian” ka na. Yung mga “kriminal” na pinatay ng DDS, hindi pa. Tsk.” – If they are not killed by the DDS and died out of sickness without Christ (after influencing 100 other kids to drugs) will that make you better?

    I’m sorry Juan Kruz. Hope you’ll really see what I can see. Hope your relationship with God will usher you to His plan and destiny as a people. So we can be in one perspective…

  36. Duterte is a useable tools,that fits for our nation to make a real transformations.
    I believe in him not only his track records,but his concern and desire to protect and defend his people.
    I will not judge him for who he is of what he did..
    Because we have a gracious God who is a judge and knows exactly who he really is🙏
    We cannot judge anyone either….
    Duterte is only like us,far from perfect..
    .Matthew 7:1-2
    1Do not judge,or you too will be jugded.
    2 For in the same way you judge others,
    You will be judged,
    And the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
    3 why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?
    Thats why brothers and sisters this blog is not to descriminate or critizise or to command anyone.
    Everyone is entitled to cast your vote.
    This blog is not forcing you or demanding you to vote for duterte.
    You want to share your ideas and opinion then share it.
    Let our speech always be with grace,seasoned with salt,that you may know how you ought to answer every man….
    I encourage everyone to continue to pray for safe and clean election..
    GOD BLESS🙏🙏🙏🙏

  37. Change is really coming! Christians in the Philippines has been judged and found wanting. There will be chaos,communism will set in. That’s what you want, then so be it. There will be persecution. Then revival we have all been praying will come. God is sovereign.

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