A Little Update from Heart

IF ONLY WE WILL KNOW THE DEPTHS OF THE LOVE OF GOD, WE WILL NEVER (EVER) LIVE BLIND AND HOPELESS You know I’ve heard it in worship songs. That God’s love is overwhelming. The Bible tells its width and height… But I have never really experienced its truth until today. It was so good thatContinue reading “A Little Update from Heart”

Family: Together & Dysfunctional

I first learned about dysfunctional family few years back in Discipleship Training Center (DTC) when Eric Miller (one of the teachers there, a spiritual father to us) taught about Family and Relationships. Not sure if the class had this title, if not it was something close to this. It opened my eyes and I prayed that God willContinue reading “Family: Together & Dysfunctional”

Joy is an Expensive Trade

We went shopping last December 30th because we needed stuff at home after being away for a few days. No more toilet paper, cooking oil, shampoo… And I was surprised seeing a lot of people in the groceries. All in the holiday rush. I forgot that New Year was coming and most did not wantContinue reading “Joy is an Expensive Trade”