Citizens of Heaven

Few weeks ago I was haunted by a thought in my heart. It was a painful feeling that I felt distraught until 4am in the morning. I was unable to sleep. What was it? The emotions that I feel like an outsider when I think of heaven. I can’t think of living there. I can’t relate to the joy of seeing my Bridegroom. I was disturbed deep within my soul. I knew the reason why. It was because I got so home in this temporary world called earth.

I was not in sin. I was even pursuing God when I felt that. Somehow I knew that God allowed me to feel that way to draw to closer to His heart. To display the realities of eternity in me. That if I want to be a citizen of this golden nation, I need to be in a place where I have an intimate relationship with Jesus. It’s not even being ministry and being in the right atmosphere alone. It’s about living with Jesus intimately on earth as it is in heaven.

Most of us want to spend eternity in heaven. But the million dollar question is, are we really ready to be there. Or we got founded in this temporary life that this becomes more real to us than the life to come.


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