Part 2 of 2: My GREATEST Promotion Ever!!!

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Now let’s continue…

The woman of today’s century somehow needs to have a sexy body, good-paying career, status in life, hot model-looking husband, beautiful kids, grand home, latest car, travels and luxuries in life. To be a woman with calloused hands, at home with kids doing all chores, barely able to comb her hair and “heavy-looking” is mostly viewed as failure. It’s all about the perfection of the outside appearance. It’s about the “me” in a woman… Thus many of my friends leave their babies after a month of maternity leave to go back to work because of the additional income for the family or because for some, she needs to be back to her world and just pay a nanny to take care of the mom and baby problems.

I am not judging anyone because I was also a victim of this worldly pressure. I was going for the world! Because of my training and achievement, I was always working with the “bosses”. I make things happen for many people and businesses. I was “Ma’am Grace” to many. Even after I got saved and got married. Yes, I felt like I was submitted to my husband. But when he decided things that I think is not right, I would be anguished inside that it would be seen in my face and the way I react. When I got pregnant, all things changed. I felt like I can’t leave my babies at home for 8 hours. There was something inside me that asked, how can I serve others when I can’t do serve my husband and kids first? Even if I’ll be the Philippine President one day serving millions of Filipinos here and abroad, transforming cities and nations, be a Joan of Arc in this generation, blah… blah… blah… — but if I can’t be a wife to my husband and a mom to my kids, the grandeur of achievements are all defeats.

As a woman, I am called to be the helper to my man. I was made to be his support. I was created to bring the fullness of his calling come to reality. I was destined to raise his children in the Lord. And if it means washing his clothes, making his coffee, cooking his meals, making his home neat and clean, gardening, saving and budgeting finances, giving him massages, praying for him and the like for the rest of my life — I am fulfilled. My success is not what the world wants me to be but by how I can lay down my life joyfully in love for my family. Then the rest can follow…

Is it then a loss for me? Not at all. All my skills and ability, the entire fire ball that I am was formed to compliment to the success of His mandate to us as a family. There is never a “me” in the kingdom of God. It’s always a “we”. Thus, to think that I am wasting my gifting and talents when I become a wife and mom is selfishness and is not the Lord’s. And to be honest? No woman with a genuine love for God would desire to leave her family to pursue money and self. It’s always her delight to be with the love of her life. Unfortunately, not many of my sisters in the Lord have the bliss I am enjoying today. 😦

Am I also saying that when you’re a wife and mom, you can’t be pretty, girly, have a handsome husband and kids, blessed job, etc.? Oh, definitely not. What I’m stressing is the wrong mindset of a woman’s priority in this generation. Less and less women are staying at home. Less and less women are training their children but leaving them to tutors. When their kids fear and cry no one is there to attend. When the husband is weak, she’s not there to encourage him.

This is not what God designed in my opinion. I believe, parents are meant to funnel love and security to their kids not money and material things. And things need to change if we want to see a generation raised for holiness and righteousness. If not, we can expect rampant crimes and lives with lost identities because parents failed to provide their children what matters most!

Godly parenting prospers a nation and saves a generation, not money-making…

A woman has such great role in shaping humanity. She is to user care and love, support and courage that no one can ever replace… Thus when she starts doing man’s job and vice versa, societal issues arise and the list goes one…

My husband cried when I came to him and asked for forgiveness. The first 6 months of our marriage was spent with serving others above him. Every man was made by God to rule and dominate. Thus no matter how understanding they may seem their contentment is still to come home to a smiling wife, eating her home-cooked meal with the giggles of his kids at the background. Β Of course, I am saying that a woman’s calling is to be her husband’s maid. Nope, there’s a big difference. Β I recently have a beautiful young lady come everyday for few hours to help me with simple chores at home. But when it comes to kids and hubby, it’s my responsibility. It’s an overflow of my heart, I want to hold my babies. I want to be the one that’s teaching them. I want to be attending to my husband’s needs.

Every time I see my baby smile, say “Papa”, or see my husband enjoying his food, I am filled with joy. This is the life I was made to live. This is why being a wife and a mom is the greatest promotion. Yes, there’s a world out there that needs to be saved. It is my duty as Christian and as daughter of God. But as a woman, my call rivers out to the world beautifully if first and foremost I have given my life to my family lovingly.

Do you agree with this? What is the essence of a Godly woman for you? What are her roles and responsibilities? Please feel free to share your thoughts below! πŸ™‚


Published by Julmar Grace Locsin

Grace hails from her favorite city in the world, Davao City! She is a mom of twins, Sovi and Tice and is happily married to business owner and musician, Jay Locsin. She considers herself an "eye" who loves to say out of what she sees. Her articles focus on family, parenting, marriage, and motherhood as part of the Christian life. She is also a big believer of the Filipino call and destiny and writes a lot about revival in the Philippines. Her work have been featured in a lot of online publications, national tabloids and radio shows like the Philippines Star, GMA News (Mindanao) and DzBB. She is currently helping her husband with their business teaching other families how to earn from home as she manages homeschooling, writing, and finishing her doctorate. Follow Grace's journey as she inspires, make an impact, and transform nations for heaven, for the King!

5 thoughts on “Part 2 of 2: My GREATEST Promotion Ever!!!

  1. Ok so let me try this again! haha. I enjoyed reading this, unfortunately when I was younger my mom didn’t have the option to be a housewife. She did however end up becoming one when I started high school and that was when our relationship really grew and I’m thankful for those times. I completely agree how sad it is that people degrade the role of a housewife. Of anyone in my life I’d rather satisfy and make happy it’d be my husband and children…speaking of which I’m giving him with a foot rub after a long day at work. Whatever makes my man happy! πŸ˜‰

  2. Thanks for these…..From a powerful woman of God in whom I’ve been with…. in my youthful times….I agreed to what have had mentioned in your writings and Praised God for it…. .Please help us pray also to become submissive like my mother was to our father…. The biggest legacy that my mother invested for us was that …trained and molded us in Partnership with HIM…The same legacy she wanted us to invest for our children…..Looking forward on God’s instruction……….my desire is to become a plain house wife… serving the kids,tutoring them as well and my man..PTL.

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