Beware of Evil Suggestions!

The Opposing Kingdoms There are only two kingdoms existing in this world. The moment Lucifer revolted and fell from heaven, it has always been a battle of the good and evil… righteousness and unrighteousness, God and the devil. Man is the centre of this battle. God loves man so much that He made him accordingContinue reading “Beware of Evil Suggestions!”

Part 2 of 2: My GREATEST Promotion Ever!!!

Were you able to read Part One of this series? If not, please click here. 🙂 Now let’s continue… The woman of today’s century somehow needs to have a sexy body, good-paying career, status in life, hot model-looking husband, beautiful kids, grand home, latest car, travels and luxuries in life. To be a woman withContinue reading “Part 2 of 2: My GREATEST Promotion Ever!!!”

Part 1 of 2: My GREATEST Promotion Ever!!!

I’ve been promoted!!! And I’m enjoying it every day of my life. Yes, there are challenges and “down moments” like any other job, but it’s nothing compared to the joy this career has brought in my life. I am a woman with destiny. I have been trained and equipped with the best! I have beenContinue reading “Part 1 of 2: My GREATEST Promotion Ever!!!”