10 Things Moms Should Bring for the Next Family Trip

Our whole family recently went to Eden Nature Park and Resort at Toril, Davao City for our second wedding anniversary. While packing, I made a checklist on what to bring that I’d like to share with you!

1. Extra clothes – While others intend to bring less because they plan to shop when they get to their travel destination, it is always safer to bring extra clothes that just in case you’ll be in a place where there are no shopping malls.

2. Camera – To capture moments. Take lots of pictures as you enjoy different adventures, excursions and local tours! Few years down the road these are the moments you’ll look back and cherish.

3. Toys/Gadgets – For games, music, movies to entertain and keep the family “busy” when bored.

4. Snacks – It’s good to bring goodies like sandwiches and fruits for the kids to munch on during the travel. Bring nutritious snacks in case you need it in situations like late meals. Don’t forget the chips for Daddy! And Mommy’s chocolates maybe?

5. Toilet tress – Of course! Most of the hotels and resorts provide yummy lotion, shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste and toothbrush, etc. as inclusive package of your stay but  it’s good to just bring yours in case if you prefer to use your own or if you end up sleeping in inns without these freebies. The whole family will always stay fresh and charming with these! And yes, sunblocks and mosquito repellent lotions too! So important…

6. Cellphone with Load – Yes vacations are to get away and set aside business transactions but having a cellphone with load is wise for emergencies and urgent calls.

7. Cash/Coins – If stores and establishments don’t receive cards ATMs and credit cards at least you’re ready with some cash. But use wisdom to and not bring your millions to lure thieves. Coins for tips but you’re free to give bigger as well. :)

8. Book/Laptop – For reading, writing, responding to urgent mails and upload/edit of pics. Not for working please.

9. Stuff for the adventure – This may mean flippers and goggles for the beach trip or tent, etc. for a camping adventure.

10. Chargers – Often forgotten, chargers for cellphones, gadgets, camera and computers.

*** If travelling with infant, don’t forget your strollers and baby bags. They might come in handy!

That’ll be all. Enjoy your family trip Mommies!!!