Little Acts of Kindness

Today Hubby and I talked to the owner of the property we’re buying (yes, it’s final… getting the one in Damosa, thank you Jesus). Because the talk was so long, I started worrying about work. I need to do this and that and I don’t have enough time. On top of that, I still need to do some chores at home and love on my kiddos of course. My mind was all full and I couldn’t think straight.

Hubby sensitive of the situation instead of taking a longer nap washed dishes… 🙂 This is NOT his “to-do” chore at home. He does laundry errands, works all day to feed his kids and send his wife shopping (hehe). So when I saw him going outside of his normal routine for me, I really appreciated it! 

Suddenly I noticed myself changed. Just one help from my Husband flipped the whole atmosphere at home. I am a very  detailed person so having dishes out of the way helps me a lot. I don’t have to think of cleaning the kitchen anymore. I was smiling. I noticed that I was more patient with the twins and loving on my Man.

Acts of KindnessJust one act of kindness changed the whole condition of my heart. It made me more productive and even extended the same to my kids. This made me realize how the little good things we do to people make big changes! We sometimes just overlook it but small acts of kindness spells a huge difference around us. Let’s sow seeds of kindness in our homes, workplaces and even in jeepneys. We make not see the effects right away but basing on what happened today, it will bear great fruits eventually. 🙂