NOT fearing God is making yourself god!

Growing in a Christian home with great parents who stressed eternity in our hearts, I have tendencies to not understand people who give in to their issues in life. Especially Christians. Those who are in church, who have heard the gospel over and over. I can’t understand why they still embrace their little sins. IContinue reading “NOT fearing God is making yourself god!”

Tips How First Time Moms can Still be Intimate with God

David Miller — This is the name of the first baby I changed diaper and gave bath (well, it was more like a quick 5-second dip). I did not have any baby sitting experience prior from these two instances. My brother and I were only a year and few months apart and our relatives wereContinue reading “Tips How First Time Moms can Still be Intimate with God”

10 Things Moms Should Bring for the Next Family Trip

Our whole family recently went to Eden Nature Park and Resort at Toril, Davao City for our second wedding anniversary. While packing, I made a checklist on what to bring that I’d like to share with you! 1. Extra clothes – While others intend to bring less because they plan to shop when they get toContinue reading “10 Things Moms Should Bring for the Next Family Trip”

Little Acts of Kindness

Today Hubby and I talked to the owner of the property we’re buying (yes, it’s final… getting the one in Damosa, thank you Jesus). Because the talk was so long, I started worrying about work. I need to do this and that and I don’t have enough time. On top of that, I still needContinue reading “Little Acts of Kindness”