Christian but Not Really

Yesterday I posted this status in my Facebook profile:

My heart is troubled seeing people who call themselves Christians but live an opposite lifestyle…  


I got a few “likes” and “comments” agreeing to this conviction stating this is happening all over the place. Just like I mentioned, “My heart is troubled…” I can’t sleep and it has been in my bones breaking me apart for hours thus I decided to share deeper.

Christian but Not Really at TheFilipinoEye

There is only one philosophy I stand for in life – it is to live my life for Jesus. There is nothing else worth living in life but a life surrendered to the King. Because as we know it, there is eternity but it has two places. We can either spend forever in heaven or in hell. And it’s not gonna be decided by St. Peter later on nor by the prayers of the living when we die. The Bible says, it going to be determined by our choices today.

Growing up in church, I know that once a person gives his life to Jesus, he is saved. But what if he makes wrong choices while in that relationship with God? There is forgiveness when we repent. But when we keep gratifying the flesh and not strengthen our spirits, our fire will eventually die and before we know it, Jesus is not anymore the Lord of our lives but the devil.

This is where I am so troubled about. Lately, I have been seeing friends and loveones who are Christians choosing to feed the black wolf instead of the white one. There are pictures and statuses that glorify money and fame than thinking the heart of God. How easy it is for us to boast our latest adventures, thrills, food discoveries, parties, etc. that also disclose our compromises. What do we think Jesus is thinking when He is the one to “share His thoughts”? His heart breaks for us I’m sure. Hurt, betrayed, used… once again.

The Bible said we should be either hot or cold because He spits out lukewarm living. I pray we all living on fire for Him. Because the truth of the matter is, NOTHING  and NO ONE is worth having in exchange for the life with the King, here and in heaven. Hope this will open blind eyes because truth is, truth is TRUTH whether we believe it or not… don’t let truth prove you at the finish line. It’ll be too late.

If you’re doing this… My thoughts are, what happened to you Christian? Wake up to your true identity and destiny. Don’t give your pearls to the swine… Stand up and get back to your race. You need help? Leave your comment below. We can help!

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