The Art of Jeep Riding

10 Commandment in Riding Jeeps in the Philippines

  1. Be at the last seat (near the entrance) so it’s easier for you to get out.
    If this is occupied, stay as close to it or else you’ll act as the conductor passing coins to and from the driver if you’re seated close to him.

  2. Keep your cellphone inside your bag. If others show theirs off and it’s a lower model to yours, you can bring it out. There seems to be a silent parade of gadgets inside all the time. Don’t be the first one to display your weapon especially if it has a low caliber. You’ll be a secret laughingstock.

  3. Sit with those whose going downtown and not those going home. The latter sometimes have sweaty armpits that touches your shoulders.

  4. When riding a with friend, don’t talk out loud. People are listening even if they let you feel that they’re not and will gossip about you (and what you talked) when you get off. Some will even text their friends about you while you’re still inside and talking.

  5. Dress decently. Some undergarments can be seen when you’re coming in or going out. People will look at you and think differently even if they don’t appear as such.

  6. Don’t ride a jeepney with a driver saying that there is still a place for one. Usually you’ll end up sitting with half of your butt as people don’t give space. You will have the tendency to fall out of your seat when the ride is bumpy. If you need to take the ride however, as the passengers gently if they can give you a bigger space to seat. They usually will move to give you that. Thank with a smile after.

  7. If the passage is too narrow, don’t lost control and step on shoes/feet. You’ll end up in a fight if you do that.

  8. If a passenger is smoking or irritating to you, ask nicely. Filipinos are commonly considerate.

  9. If you have an acquaintance inside and you don’t want to talk and catch up, put on some sunglasses and earphones and pretend you’re listening to something.

  10. Prepare your coins in paying. Some drivers will cheat with your change.

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